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A way to create thriving organizations by focusing them on the connections that are at the core of every human heart.

Randal Weidenaar is the founder and CEO of the Ultimate Why. He is a researcher that is impassioned to make the workplace a place of thriving. 

When we focus on people, people thrive!

It turns out that research now knows what our hearts have known all along. What we want in life and business is to be valued as people, and to create value for others. That means putting people first, putting human connection first. This is the Ultimate Why. The Ultimate Why is what fuels our lives. It excites us to thrive. We have built a system that trains leaders and cultures to tune to the Ultimate Why. When your people thrive your business thrives. 

Randal Weidenaar 

Culture Expert, Researcher, 
Author, Consultant

Randal Weidenaar is the founder of the Ultimate Why. He founded it out of a passion to make organizations what they really should be, a place where business and relationships thrive. His research indicated that when people give and receive love it fostered life-giving human thriving and it also fueled business growth. However, when human relationships were made secondary to the bottom line, it destroyed both the people and the bottom line.  The Ultimate Why was born to help organizations become people focused on loving connection. 


Randal is an organizational culture expert and researcher. In the process of authoring his book on organizational culture creation, he has surveyed a vast amount of literature and culture systems. This led him to scientifically-based solutions to improve organizational cultures. Randal has studied Dynamic Work Processes at MIT Sloan School of Management and Culture Driven Team Building at the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently studying Quantitative Research Methods at University of Amsterdam.


Randal was educated in Europe and lived there for ten years. There, he worked with teams of diverse national backgrounds from every continent. His work brought him in contact with diverse socio-economic strata from Wall Street consultants to poverty-stricken refugees on the streets of Greece. Randal uses his cultural insight, and anthropological education to spot the norms and values that shape organizational cultures.


He owned the Chicago-based Ergo Marketing Communications in the 90s and currently owns Notionfront Marketing. He has worked with major New York City firms, with non-profits, with large corporations like US Cellular and with local governments. Marketing gave him unique insights into the motivational heuristics that lie beneath the obvious. Additionally, this experience also brought him in contact with countless c-level executives and business cultures.


Randal is also the director of Grace Encounter, an inner healing workshop. It is an immersive interactive workshop that helps people work through past wounding and personal issues. This gave him insight into the transformational power of intentionally structured workshops to bring personal growth.


These four threads of research, culture, marketing and psychology wove together to form the powerful synthesis that resulted in Randal’s seminal work “The Ultimate Why”. The book is based on the one thing that motivates all people and cultures. His concepts work universally across cultures, backgrounds, and diverse workplaces.


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